Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Let's assume the following: that I am one of thirty partners in a New York City law firm involved in representing Fortune 500 corporate clients in mergers and acquisitions. All of us are privy to confidential information that will affect the market prices of our clients' stocks. The SEC and FINRA have seen serious profits taken multiple times, all in advance of major events. If one of us supplying inside information to a conspirator, who is illegally trading and profiting from it,who are they, and who am I ? 

Criminal investigators seeking to determine if investors engaged in illegal insider trading of publicly traded securities often have difficulties linking individuals who possess non-public information, with confederates who have traded upon that information. Even armed with the identities of investors who made extraordinary profits based upon the subsequent release of positive business news, investigators often cannot uncover the necessary connections. The result is that many "Tippees" who have profited from their crimes are never charged. It was impossible to track them back to the source who divulged the inside information.

Enter into the equation a research tool* that enables the investigator to diagram and inspect not only indirect relationships, but relationships separated by more than one degree. These are connections that are so remote that conventional inquiries will never link them up. This result is accomplished through the use of artificial intelligence software algorithms which scan available social media sources, a feat that would literally take years to accomplish manually.

Therefore, returning to our initial fact pattern, user generated graphs and charts now created by those ai/deep learning algorithms, uncover and display two of my personal indirect connections, which appeared totally disconnected to effectively deny investigators access to conspirators. Using this software program myself, the culprits were identified as a former co-worker from my first job as an assistant district attorney, and that conspirator's onetime university roommate, from twenty years ago.These individuals who would most likely never be found through conventional means, would be identified, and linked to me, due solely to an asset that represents the application of technology to big data social media information.
* Note to readers: if you are not familiar with this social media resource, kindly email me privately at  and I will furnish that information to you.


Google News, which has recently undergone a major facelift, has cut back on so many of its valuable features that I deem it unsuitable for anyone looking for negative news in a due diligence investigation. It now reportedly limits, to 30 days, any articles it returns for a search query. Many researchers valued the Google news feature that went back several years, but regretfully that is now totally in the past.

In its current form, Google News (1) limits the  number of returns you receive from a search query, (2) has zero hyperlinks, a departure from its prior format, and (3) appears to value quality over quantity, meaning that you won't see the results that do not have high confidence. Now, when you perform a search, you often get no results at all; this is not acceptable to me.

Do any of your existing data services include CheckForRisk, by Nomino Data ? That's the only resource for negative news that I recommend you use (no, I am not affiliated with them in any way) , if you want total coverage; Check it out.


Yesterday's peaceful candlelight vigil, held at the University of Virginia and attended by U Va students and members of the local community, was a clear demonstration of the power of social media. Organizers instructed the students and local residents who intended to invite friends to the vigil to use telephone and text only to pass the word along, and to completely avoid any and all social media resources when contacting others to attend.

The reason for this unusual request: should the white supremacists have learned of the event, via their known monitoring of social media, they could have attended, and there were well-founded fears that additional violence might occur. This was a valid concern of organizers, and it substantiates the influence that social media, due to its virtually universal adoption, has over society. Those who ignore it do so at their own peril.

Social media, together with negative news searches, and cloud-based information searches, has become a mandatory component of any effective query, whether it be for anti-money laundering compliance purposes, due diligence checks, or any other business or law enforcement purpose. It provides data that cannot be accessed through any other method, and is fast becoming one of the most important search tools. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The Federal Judge assigned to Ricardo Martinelli's extradition has reversed himself, and vacated his prior order that transferred him from the downtown FDC facility, which primarily houses pre-trial inmates, to the Miami FCI, where convicted inmates serve out their sentences.

The US Attorney objected to the transfer order, and asked that it be set aside. The key filing, however was the final filing by Martinelli's attorneys, where they state that, if he will not be allowed to mix and mingle with the general prison population, they prefer that he stay at the FDC. It looks now like he just wanted to socialize with others. The Government did make the point that he would have better visiting accommodations with his attorneys at FDC, so his transfer request appeared to be a ploy.  


While we are familiar with the widespread use of social media as an intelligence source for law enforcement investigators seeking information on criminal gang membership, the most powerful gangsters in Texas' Rio Grande Valley are reportedly using it extensively for recruitment purposes.These organizations are actively trolling for new members. Law enforcement has identified them as the Latin Kings, Texas Mexican Mafia, Tango Blast & associated cliques, and MS-13.

Local Sheriff's Departments and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) have been publicly warning parents to closely monitor not just their childrens' friends and their outside activities, but also to examine their social media walls. They are advising them to look on Facebook pages for gang signs & colors, and tattoos appearing on any photographs posted, whether in their friends' sites, or any other indications that there is gang influence intruding into the user's Facebook page or other social media.

DPS warns that gang members now advertise and glamorize their lifestyles, through their postings, and seek to attract new members to the so-called benefits. Many law enforcement agencies now routinely troll through social media sites of known gang members, especially those of suspected leaders, to identify all possible direct and apprentice members and associates.

In-depth analysis of gang members' social media sites can reveal indirect relationships that cannot be gleaned from routine and one-dimensional searches and that information thus obtained can then be directed towards still more data, which is either relevant or will lead to relevant information. It is possible to compile a complete order of battle of a criminal organization, using the appropriate effective social media search tools. Such details are rarely found using traditional investigative techniques and methods, but they can be accessed through the appropriate social media search device.    



 Diezani Allison-Madueke, facing corruption, money laundering, and forfeiture charges in several countries, has arrogantly denied she stole any of the missing $90bn, including a $153.3m forfeiture to Nigeria. She further denied that she has been served with the order, or evidence supporting it. Property allegedly purchased in the United States is subject to a major Federal forfeiture action in the State of Texas. 

Madeuke, while known to have been engaged in the theft of massive amounts of petroleum funds that were the property of the people of Nigeria, amazingly received a diplomatic passport from Dominica's Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, by hand delivery in the United Kingdom. She is not a citizen or national of Dominica, and tendered an illegal cash payment to Skerrit.

The matter was arranged through Dominica's Baroness Patricia Scotland, who knew or should have known, as the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, that Madueke was totally unacceptable to receive diplomatic rank, for any purpose. Questions about the legitimacy of the transfer of the diplomatic passport to Madueke raise questions about Scotland's fitness to be Secretary-General.



Readers who use the Basel AML Index, to estimate Country Risk, are advised that the 2017 Report has been published. You may access it here.